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Attracting customers

We will create and launch all the necessary resources and provide a smooth flow of calls from potential customers.

End-to-end Analytics

We will ensure transparency of return on investment in development and sales to control and make the right business decisions.

Sales system

We will build an effective sales system automated with modern solutions.

Building business processes

We will identify and correct the key barriers to the development of the company and build the most effective management structure.


Roman Lapaksin

CEO of Alif Marketing Agency & Head of Marketing Department

Vali Sarkiev

PhD, Head of Business Development & Growth Strategy Department

Muhammad Hisan

Head of Digital & Analytics Department

Questions and answers

We carry out a set of activities that ensure uninterrupted referrals to our customers: Conduct an in-depth analysis of the business, customers, market, product and competitors; Develop a strategy; Create only the necessary resources to attract traffic; Launch resources and engagement activities (website, SEO, context, targeting, SMM, etc.); Analyze feedback and adjust campaigns and resources; Looping activities; Scaling up successful cases.

We deeply penetrate into the company's sales process and carry out the following activities: Analyze the existing sales system; Highlight key problems and generate a set of solutions; Build a sales funnel; Implement necessary automation elements (CRM, IP-telephony, messengers, chat-bots, integrations, sales scripts); Launch a new sales system, analyze and adjust the funnel and processes; Create a system of motivation for the sales department and managers; Launch a working model.

By automating processes and linking all the resources of the company into a single unified core, we derive the key indicators needed to monitor and make decisions in a separate analytical unit for each level of manager.

First and foremost, we focus on an integrated approach, creating autonomous working systems whose success is measured only in digital indicators. We have experience and expertise not only in various business areas, but also in an international format. We do not work with a massive amount of clients. In order to get the most out of our joint activities and to ensure further development of the client's business, we thoroughly examine the situations and cases of the clients addressed by the established standards and, after discussing all the goals, opportunities, and limitations, we make a decision together.

We see great stories of business successes called "success cases". But the reality is that for every successful case, there will be hundreds and thousands of failures and bankruptcies. And this is not a reason for fear and apathy, but a signal that you have every opportunity to be among those "successful cases". All businesses are completely individual even if it's two dentists on the same street, but there are a few important things that contribute to growth and development. What should you do? Do not lead the situation to a crisis, otherwise it will be not about development, but about salvation, and these situations not always require beautiful and noble solutions. Make the decision to develop and scale, as cliché as it may sound. This means that once again you will have to get out of your comfort zone and your current routine and exert yourself the way you did when it first started. Look at your team without "rose-tinted glasses" and try to understand whether these are the people with whom you will go on "to conquer Everest". Choose a "Growth Driver" or become "Growth Driver" yourself. Growth Driver is the main person to lead your company upward, whom you should empower.


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